General Terms & Conditions

GENERAL TERMS AND CONDITIONS regulating the relations with the contracting authority of freight forwarding
or transportation services as well as the accompanying operations.
As a freight forwarder KROL TRANS Ltd. acts within the scope of the services in its own name and at the expense of
the shipper, with suitable transport vehicles.
1. The present General Terms and Conditions apply in the relations of Krol Trans LTD with the contracting entities of
the transport or forwarding services, regulating the conditions & responsibility of the parties when performing transport 
or forwarding services and accompanying operations. These Terms and Conditions do not regulate the relationships of
the company with the carriers or subcontractors.

2. The CONTRACTING AUTHORITY is responsible for the accuracy and completeness of the information provided
to Krol Trans LTD including the accuracy and completeness of the accompanying transport and other documents. If
the weight, quantity, volume or type of the cargo ( including whether the goods being carried are excise ) or other cha-
racteristics do not correspond to the information given in this application or the consignment note or if the transport 
documents for the veterinary, sanitary, customs, road and other formalities which must be carried out prior to the deli-
very of the consignment to the consignee are absent or fail to comply with the regulatory requirements in the countries 
through which the carriage takes place, THE CONTRACTING AUTHORITY owes compensation in accordance with
the submitted documents ( including decisions of the customs authorities on the penalties imposed, the coerced costs paid
by Krol Trans LTD (or a third party a subcontractor / carrier hired by us) to the relevant authorities, As well as any
other costs paid by Krol Trans LTD as a result of the assignor's action and /or inactivity in connection with this paragraph.

3. Free time for loading / unloading of the goods up to 3 / three / hours and, if there is a customs clearance of the goods: 24
/ Twenty-four / hours from the arrival of the vehicle at the loading / unloading address, But not earlier than the initial load-
ing or unloading time specified in the application order;

3.1.1. Upon expiration of the free time, the assignor owes a penalty amount of:

10 / ten / EUR for each commenced next hour but no more than 100/ Hundred / EUR for the first 21 / twenty-one / hours
after the expiration of the 3 hours - free time for loading or unloading.
For Every Next 24 / Twenty-four / hours started - the penalty is 100 / Hundred / EUR.

100 / One hundred / Euro for each commenced 24 hours after expiry of free time for loading / unloading and customs cle-
arance of the goods.

4. The CONTRACTING AUTHORITY will pay the fee for each shipment organized by Krol Trans LTD in the period and 
terms agreed in the transport order.

4.1.1. In the event if the payment has been agreed to be made when the goods arrive at the unloading address, to be unloaded
and handed over to the recipient, the amount of the remuneration MUST be credited to the bank account of Krol Trans LTD
BEFORE unloading. Otherwise, Krol Trans Ltd HAS THE RIGHT TO REFUSE delivery of the cargo to the beneficiary as
collateral for its receivables on the respective application until the moment of fulfillment of the obligation of the CONTRACT-
ING AUTHORITY to pay the remuneration. All costs incurred as a result of  the retention of the cargo, including, but not limi-
ted to cost of storing, loading, unloading, re-routing, staying, etc. are charged at the expense of the CONTRACTING AUTHO-
RITY,the costs are also paid BEFORE the goods are unloaded and transferred to the recipient.

4.1.2. In the case, referred to in the previous paragraph, Krol Trans LTD  will not be liable to the CONTRACTING AUTHORI-
TY for delay in the delivery of the goods and any additional costs of the recipient, if any, which the latter has claimed or may
claim to the ASSIGNOR.

5. Under no circumstances the ASSIGNOR shall have the right to withhold the payment or to deduct amounts owed to Krol Trans
LTD without the express written consent of the latter.

6. Loading and unloading of the cargo is not an obligation of Krol Trans Ltd, and the latter is not responsible for damaging the
goods during loading and / or unloading.

7. Krol Trans Ltd has the right to refuse the carriage of the goods in the following cases:

When the goods which have to be loaded do not conform to the one described in the transport order & the bill of lading.

If the packaging of the cargo is damaged or inappropriate in view of the nature of goods, their weight or volume and mode of
transport and the PRINCIPAL has refused to replace it;

7.1.1. In the aforementioned cases, Krol Trans LTD is not liable to the PRINCIPAL for delay due to the loading of the goods and/
or for delay in the delivery.

8. The CONTRACTING AUTHORITY owes the following penalties to Krol Trans LTD in case a previously accepted transport
application is canceled by the CONTRACTING AUTHORITY no later than 14:00 hrs on the day preceding the day of loading
agreed on the application:

For groupage consignment - 75% of the freight rate of the canceled order;
For full loads - 150 euro

The claims under the preceding sentence do not restrict Krol Trans LTD from the right to claim, besides it, compensation up to
the amount of the actual loss or damage suffered.

9. For matters not covered by this application, the following are applied:
The provisions of the Convention CMR, with the exception of the issue of the limitation period for claiming by Krol Trans Ltd the
due remuneration for the services rendered, for which the total 5-year limitation will apply; The provisions of the civil & commercial
legislation of the Republic of Bulgaria. We consider General Terms accepted with the confirmation of the order or by its execution.

Current General Terms and Conditions enter into force on  01 January 2017

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