Customs consultancy

Krol Trans offers consultations on all customs, foreign trade and others, related to the clearance of imported and exported goods related to:

Implementation of the Customs Tariff of the Republic of Bulgaria for taxation of goods imported by legal persons and sole traders. Correctly
determine the tariff numbers, items, subheadings, duty, taxes and fees collected by customs in the import and export of goods.

• Customs clearance, customs value and origin of goods.

• Customs preferences under international treaties and internal regulations.

• Introduction of the goods into the customs territory of the Republic of Bulgaria, manifestation and unloading of the goods presented to the
customs authorities, temporary warehousing of the goods.

• Customs direction of the goods:

 1) placement of the goods under customs regime - for import, transit, customs warehousing, inward processing, processing under customs
control, temporary importation, outward processing, export and temporary export;
 2) placing the goods in a free zone or free warehouse;
 3) re-export of the goods outside the customs territory of the Republic of Bulgaria, etc..

• Customs Relief - Exemption from customs duties on import and export of goods and upon return of goods exported from Bulgaria.
• Origin, provision, payment of a customs debt.
• Refund and remission of customs duties.
• Foreign trade regime for import and export of goods; Registration and authorization regime. Prohibited for export and import of goods. Goods for
which quotas are set under international contractual obligations assumed by the Republic of Bulgaria and for which export taxes are collected.
• Required documents (foreign trade, customs, etc.) for importation of imported and exported goods.
• Terms and conditions for the coordination of licensing transactions on imported and exported goods.
• Requirements of sanitary, veterinary, phytosanitary and quality control in the import and export of goods and transit of goods through the territory of
the Republic of Bulgaria.
For its application to the export and import of currency and currency values.

Krol Trans is liaising with relevant government authorities, organizations and institutions related to customs and foreign trade activities.