ADR Safety Advisor

Certified ADR Loads Safety Advisor Services


                                                                              When do You need an ADR Consultant..?


According to The European Agreement, concerning the transport of dangerous ADR goods: all companies, whose activities include transportation of dangerous goods by road or related packing & loading-unloading activities , must define and hire ADR Consultant for the safe transporation of the loads. His task is not only minimizing the risksrelated to people, environment and the different types of property.



Krol Trans offers services with a Certified ADR Consultant as required by the European Agreement,concerning the transportation of dangerous goods:



1. Preparation of:                                                              2.Consulting:


- Dangerous goods management instructions                  - For Your Company in relation

  for your company. The instructions are in                         to activities, regarding the

  accordance with the ADR regulations,                              transportation of ADR goods.


- The procedures for verifying equipment &                   - At the purchase of transport

   procedures in connection with loading,                        means and determining appro-

   transporting & unloading dangerous goods;                 priate requirements;


 - Appropriate measures and instructions for                 - In the process of selecting Your

   the prevention of accidents or violations of                  contractual clients in connection 

   the regulations;                                                                   with the transportation of dange-

                                                                                                    rous ADR Loads.

 - Annual report.Must at least contain the data              

   about the quantity of transported dangerous

   goods by classes and the data on extraordinary

   events or accidents involving dangerous goods.


3.Training:                                                                                  4.    Implementation:

 - Specific training for all employees on managing                   - The compilation of instrucions 

                                                                                                          for  the appropriate labelling of

   records for verifying equipment & procedures                          the cargo and vehicles.

   in connection with loading, transporting & unload-                

   ing dangerous ADR goods;                                                    - The implementation of

                                                                                                   appropriate measures & procedures 

                                                                                                   in cases of accidents which

                                                                                                   could en danger the safety of the             


- Introduction of measures which increase awareness           

  about the risks, regarding the packing, loading/un-        

  loading & transportation operations.          

                                                                                           - The inquiry and implementation of

                                                                                                   specific reports on accidents  

                                                                                                    during the loading, 

                                                                                               transporting of dangerous goods



                                                                                                - The determination of  

                                                                                                  verification procedures,

                                                                                                   which ensures the safety of

                                                                                                   loading & unloading ADR cargo

                                                                           And Last but not Least..



ADR Consultant Safety Adviser for the transport of dangerous goods by road (ADR), according The EUROPEAN Ordinance on the conditions and procedures for the transport of dangerous goods should:


1. Controls compliance with the requirements for transporting dangerous goods;


2. Advise employees of the company in activities related to the transport of dangerous goods;


3. Prepare an annual report to the Head of the company, activity regarding the transport of dangerous ADR Loads;



4. Control the implementation of the specified procedures governing requirements for the identification of dangerous goods transported;


5. Controls whether the acquisition of vehicles for the transport of dangerous goods they meet the requirements of Chapter 9.1 of Annex B of the ADR for the transport of dangerous goods;


6. Check the equipment used in connection with the transport, loading and unloading of dangerous goods in accordance with European requirements for the transport of ADR goods;


7. Organize training of staff dealing with the transport of dangerous goods in the company, keeping the record books for this training;


8. Proposes the implementation of an emergency plan in case of an accident or incident that may affect safety during the transport, loading or unloading of dangerous goods;


9. Investigate occurred accidents, incidents or serious infringements relating to the carriage of dangerous goods, and prepare reports on them;


10. Advocates measures to avoid a recurrence of accidents, incidents or serious infringements;


11. Monitor compliance with the requirements relating to the transportation of dangerous goods in the choice and use of subcontractors;


12. Monitor the availability of detailed work instructions or instructions to staff dealing with the transport, loading or unloading of dangerous goods;


13. Advocates measures to increase knowledge of the risks inherent in the transport, loading or unloading of dangerous cargo;


14.Check the existence of the documents and safety equipment in the vehicle, which must accompany the cargo, as well as compliance with the relevant provisions in respect of such documents and equipment.


15. Monitor compliance with the requirements of the ADR for the loading or unloading of dangerous goods;


16. Depending on the class of danger, at its discretion inform the regional office of fire and emergency safety of the type of dangerous goods, hourly movement and rest areas;


17. Monitor the implementation of regulations issued by the competent authorities.